In Albion’ is a Theatrical Prog Rock band from Surrey specialising in creating energetic dramatic rock anthems. A fusion of Samuel’s soaring vocal lines, Pete’s creative bass parts, Ross’s classical inspired riffs, Rob's clever composition and Gideon’s diverse drum rolls; ‘In Albion’ is a perfect mix of all five. 
The band (originally formed by guitarist Ross) found each other due to a shared love of ‘Queen’, had one jam and there was no looking back from there. They have been together now for well over a year and are going stronger than ever.‘
In Albion’ is a tasteful throwback to the golden era of Rock music, but has no shame in taking inspiration from modern influences..
‘In Albion’ have released two singles so far: Their debut orchestral rock track ‘Burning The Candle at Both Ends’ and their pumping bass driven track, ‘Earth’. They have played all over Surrey and Reading and recently started playing in London with brilliant reception. In fact when they first played live at an open mic night in the market town of Wokingham, they were spotted by management and were signed within a week

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