Alt-J - Reduxer - Vinyl LP

Alt-J - Reduxer - Vinyl LP


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Released: 28 Sep 2018

11 incredible reinterpretations of songs from their award winning third album ​RELAXER, ​reimagined by a host of fans, friends and peers, including a globe-straddling cross-section of some of the world’s most influential and prolific hip hop artists and producers.   

Putting their own indelible vocals on the songs are, amongst others, Grammy-nominated US hip hop high flyer GoldLink​ , platinum-certified Parisian rapper ​Lomepal​ , Berlin powerhouse ​Kontra K​, Dublin-born breakthrough rapper ​Rejjie Snow​ , Australian auteur ​Tuka​ , Puerto Rican rapper ​PJ Sin Suela​ and London’s acclaimed ​Little Simz.



1. 3WW (feat. Little Simz) (OTG Version)

2. In Cold Blood (fest. Pusha T) (Twin Shadow Version)

3. House Of The Rising Sun (feat. Tuka) (Tuka Version)

4. Hit Me Like That Snare (Jimi Charles Moody version)

5. Deadcrush (feat. Danny Brown) (Alchemist x Trooko Version)

6. Adeline (feat. Paigey Cakey and Hex) (ADP Version)

Side B

7. Last Year (feat. GoldLink) (Terrace Martin Version)

8. Pleader (feat. PJ Sin Suela) (Trooko Version)

9. 3WW (feat. Lomepal) (Lomepal Version)

10. In Cold Blood (feat. Kontra K) (Kontra K Version)

11. Hit Me Like That Snare (feat. Rejjie Snow) (Rejjie Snow Version)