Blanket - Modern Escapism - Transparent Orange Vinyl LP

Blanket - Modern Escapism - Transparent Orange Vinyl LP

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Release Date: 08 October 2021

Transparent Orange Vinyl LP 

Modern Escapism takes the post-rock blueprint of the band’s 2018 debut full-length How To Let Go and infuses it with reverberating waves of shoegaze eclecticism and sudden outbursts of savage metal. The record’s sonic palette takes the ethereal fluidity of Slowdive, the vicious down-tuned riffs of Deftones and the epic euphoria of Mogwai and coalesced them together into something far more cohesive. The widescreen, cinematic expanse of Blanket’s sound still remains however, and rather than neuter their grand ambitions, these additional elements have simply expanded their aural tools without compromising the grandiose vision that gives Blanket their identity. Modern Escapism’s narrative of vicarious modern living is one that we can all relate to. Our increased exposure to modern technology has created a void in our lives, one that we try to fill with online social interactions and voyeuristically peering into the lives of others.