BTD Essential Vinyl Care Kit in a 'Queen Bohemian Crest' Rock Sax Officially Licensed Case

BTD Essential Vinyl Care Kit in a 'Queen Bohemian Crest' Rock Sax Officially Licensed Case

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We have put together some of our favorite vinyl care products in an Officially Licensed 'Queen Bohemian Crest ' Rock Sax case.

Price if products purchased individually £49.95

BTD Kit Price £39.99

Here's what you get ...

1 x Rock Sax Officially Licensed 'Queen Bohemian Crest' Case with zipper from Rock Off

Dimensions:346 x 92 x 438 (mm)

1 x Near Mint 360 Vinyl Cleaning Solution

Developed in the UK by DJ's, Record Collectors & Vinyl Enthusiasts.

Near Mint has been specially blended to make sure your vinyl is cleaned to the highest standard. Using a greater percentage of integral ingredients and purified chemicals, Near Mint can offer the best results in cleanliness, ensuring no residue remains on your record.

Near Mint is the most effective, chemically balanced & premium record cleaning solution on the market to date boasting a double strength attitude.


1 x Near Mint - Microfibre Cloth

100% Microfibre Cleaning Cloth.

To be used alongside Near Mint - 360 Vinyl Cleaning Solution.

Machine washable.

1 x BTD Microfiber Vinyl Record Cleaning Pad

1 x Vinyl Kleen 'Super Exstatic' Carbon Fibre & Velvet Pad Record Cleaner

Produced to the highest standards Vinyl Kleen is the vinyl collectors must have accessory, prolonging the life of your valuable collection and reducing stylus wear whilst optimizing playback quality. Condition/deep clean the grooves of LPs and singles by removing dust and fluff whilst discharging static without damaging the delicate playing surface.

Under its own weight only the carbon fibre filaments discharge static whilst removing surface dust and fluff.

Applying gentle pressure introduces the integral velvet pad which traps and lifts more resistant grime.

Electrically conductive assembly discharges static through the conductive ribs of the handle body.