Spandau Ballet ‎– Through the Barricades - Vinyl LP

Spandau Ballet ‎– Through the Barricades - Vinyl LP


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Release Date: 22nd September 2017

Vinyl LP

Includes special fold out poster with lyrics and photos

The fifth studio album by Spandau Ballet, originally released in November 1986. The lyrics to the title track were inspired by love prevailing over the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the murder of a member of the crew in the Troubles, by a British soldier. Features the singles 'Fight for Ourselves', 'Through the Barricades' and 'How Many Lives'.


1 Barricades (Introduction) Spandau Ballet 1.17
2 Cross the Line Spandau Ballet 4.07
3 Man in Chains Spandau Ballet 5.41
4 How Many Lies? Spandau Ballet 5.2
5 Virgin Spandau Ballet 4.23
6 Fight for Ourselves Spandau Ballet 4.22
7 Swept Spandau Ballet 4.53
8 Snakes and Lovers Spandau Ballet 4.35
9 Through the Barricades