Demob Happy - Holy Doom - Vinyl LP

Demob Happy - Holy Doom - Vinyl LP

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Released: 23 Mar 2018

‘Holy Doom’ is the second album by Newcastle via Brighton three piece Demob Happy, an album about no one but you. it’ll make you dance and shake, and question your part on this tiny planet at the same time, surfing the infinite divide with your head bobbing and your body swaying to the pulsing rhythms of a band more gallant than most. 

Lovingly pressed here, with artwork designed, shot and created by the band themselves, every second of the journey through your Holy Doom has been poured over to create an album dense with melody, life, and passing sonic moments you won’t hear till the 10th or 11th listen.


1. Liar In Your Head

2. Be Your Man

3. Loosen It

4. Fake Satan

5. Runnin' Around

6. I Wanna Leave (Alive)

7. Maker of Mine

8. Holy Doom

9. Spinning Out

10. Gods I’ve Seen

11. Fresh Outta Luck