Girls Names - Stains On Silence - Indies Exclusive - Orange Vinyl LP

Girls Names - Stains On Silence - Indies Exclusive - Orange Vinyl LP

Tough Love

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Released: 15 Jun 2018

It stands to reason that many vital albums come critically close to never being made. The eight-track upshot of doubt, upheaval and financial strain, Stains on Silence by Girls Names is one such release. Following 2015’s blitzing Arms Around a Vision, and the parting of drummer Gib Cassidy just over a year later, the Belfast band suddenly found themselves facing down a looming void. “There was a finished – and then aborted – mix of the album, which was shelved for six months,” reveals Girls Names frontman Cathal Cully. “We then took a break from all music and went back to full-time work. We chilled out from the stress of rushing the record and not being happy with it, as well as being skint with no impending touring on the cards and constantly having to worry about rent.” The stumbling blocks that proved a strain became the album’s defining breakthrough.


1. 25 4:50, 2. Haus Proud 5:08, 3. The Process 3:39, 4. The Impaled Mystique 4:59, 5. Fragments of a Portrait  4:38, 6. A Moment and a Year  2:33, 7. Stains on Silence  6:12, 8. Karoline 5:10.