Hayden Thorpe - Diviner Vinyl

Hayden Thorpe - Diviner - Indies Exclusive Deluxe Vinyl LP


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Released: 24 May 2019

Indies Exclusive Deluxe Vinyl - Heavyweight black vinyl with a UV spot gloss, foil block sleeve with digital download card

‘Diviner’, the debut solo album from Wild Beasts Hayden Thorpe. ‘Diviner’ is a deeply emotional album: lyrically generous in its candid tone and self- awareness, the melodies resonant with sense memory. The album feels like a startling departure from Thorpe’s previous work with Wild Beasts and also unlike anything else being made at the moment. Written in a deep period of flux; at points in California, Cornwall and at his home in London - the latter acting as a womb-like space where he worked out his new life, story and belief systems. Throughout the record, Thorpe’s voice is a beacon - paired with weaving piano, ambient guitar drifts and propulsive bass lines - his sound is even more powerfully unfettered than before, as if he’d found a new inner voice, a new way to use his instrument.