Heavy Rapids - Cash In Hand EP - Indies Exclusive Violet 12

Heavy Rapids - Cash In Hand EP - Indies Exclusive Violet 12" Vinyl EP

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Released: 19 Jul 2019

Glasgow indie-punk band Heavy Rapids debut EP ‘Cash In Hand’ Is a flurry of riffs and impassioned proclamations on everyday routines and situations, as well as social predicaments particular to their hometown, and the UK in general. They were chosen as RSD Unsigned Competition winners by Radio 1’s Phil Taggart, Jamie Oborne (Dirty Hit – 1975 manager) and Natasha Youngs (Resident).

Opener ‘Going Down’ slams down the door with vigorous enthusiasm fueled by Airline insurance scandals, followed by a punk blast through ‘Infected Nightmares (Frankenstein)’, which takes a swipe at our unhealthy social media addiction. ‘Hurricane E’ takes the third spot as the EP’s most inward looking track, Dillon and Jamie take turns expressing the stresses that are developed as a result of growing up in today’s society where we are all fighting to make something of ourselves.