Jon Hopkins - Late Night Tales Vinyl

Jon Hopkins - Late Night Tales - Ltd Collectors Edition - Half Speed Master - 2 x Vinyl LP


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Released: 02 Mar 2015

Late Night Tales welcome UK producer and musician Jon Hopkins to the fold with a beautiful sequence of songs and music.
Requiem for a dreamstate. It’s possibly somewhere between heaven, hell and high water, down the Thames Delta towards Eden. It may involve techno and a distorted state or simply mates sat listening to music together, drifting on the open sea of their minds. This is Jon Hopkins’ world, not so much joining the dots as colouring the whole damn picture in. 
After releasing his debut album 'Opalescent' at the rookie age of 21 in 1999, he’s gone on to work with Brian Eno and David Holmes, produced King Creosote and via Eno, worked on three Coldplay albums. He released the breakthrough album 'Immunity' in 2013, which was nominated for the Mercury Prize. 
The story arc with which Hopkins succeeded on 'Immunity' makes its appearance on Late Night Tales too with a perfectly sculpted excursion on this widescreen mix. . Opening with the unreleased 'Sleepers Beat Theme' by composer Ben Lukas Boysen, ghostly pianos skip elegantly hither and thither, among rising strings, as on Darkstar’s ‘Hold Me Down’. Nils Frahm is here, his sonic palette perfect for the job, while labelmate A Winged Victory For The Sullen contribute ‘Requiem For The Static King Part I’. Sigur Ros offshoot Jónsi & Alex’s heroic ‘Daniell In The Sea’ sends us forth towards the Baltic with tears streaming. 
Beats occasionally appear, as on the Grace Jones-sampling ‘Yr Love’ by Holy Other or the pair of Black Country acts Bibio and Letherette, whose ‘After Dawn’ is almost spry in comparison to the minor key symphonies on display here. The perfect contrast to this comes from Alela Diane’s wistful ‘Lady Divine’ or even Four Tet’s mesmerising ‘Gillie Amma I Love You’, with its enchanting kids’ choir. Exclusive to this release, Jon Hopkins provides a startlingly vulnerable new piano version of Yeasayer’s ‘I Remember’. 
Poet and fellow Brian Eno collaborator (their joint album 'Drums Between The Bells' was released by Warp in 2011) Rick Holland narrates the exclusive spoken word closer 'I Remember', underpinned with additional sound design by Hopkins.
A Side:
1. Ben Lukas Boysen - Sleepers Beat Theme (4,52)
2. Darkstar - Hold Me Down (7.18)
3. Holy Other - Yr Love (4.42)
4. Teebs - Verbena Tea with Rebekah Raff (4.24)
B Side:
1. Nils Frahm – More (8.56)
2. Songs of Green Pheasant - I Am Daylights (3.45)
3. Evenings - Babe (2.52)
4. Letherette - After Dawn (4.31)
C Side:
1. Jon Hopkins - I Remember (4.54)
2. David Holmes - Hey Maggy (4.59)
3. Alela Diane - Lady Divine (5.12)
4. Last Days - Missing Photos (2.02)
5. School of Seven Bells – Connjur (4.37)
D Side:
1. Peter Broderick - And It's Alright - Nils Frahm Remix (4.34)
2. Four Tet - Gillie Amma I Love You (5.47)
3. Bibio - Down To The Sound (2.35)
4. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Requiem For The Static King 1 (2.46)
5. Helios - Emancipation (2.35)
6. Rick Holland - I Remember (3.39)