Kings Of Leon ‎– Youth & Young Manhood - Remastered - 2 x Vinyl LP

Kings Of Leon ‎– Youth & Young Manhood - Remastered - 2 x Vinyl LP


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Released: 14 Oct 2016

'Youth and Young Manhood' was Kings of Leon's debut album, released in August 2003. The title was taken from a drawing of the family tree of Moses, found on the inside of one of their Pentecostal preaching father's Bibles. According to the band, each branch contained a line that could have passed for an album title. 'Youth and Young Manhood', however, seemed fitting and was quickly agreed upon by all members. The album was recorded between Sound City Studios, California (where Nirvana's 'Nevermind' and Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' were recorded) and Shangri-La Studio in Malibu. Many critics appreciated the band's punk and garage rock-influenced revival of the southern rock genre with UK's NME hailing the album among the 'best debuts of the last 10 years'.


A1 Red Morning Light 2:59
A2 Happy Alone 3:59
A3 Wasted Time 2:45
B1 Joe's Head 3:21
B2 Trani 5:01
B3 California Waiting 3:29
C1 Spiral Staircase 2:54
C2 Molly's Chambers 2:15
C3 Genius 2:49
D1 Dusty 4:20
D2 Holy Roller Novocaine 4:01
D3 Talihina Sky 3:47