Kodaline - One Day At A Time - Deluxe Version - Vinyl 2LP

Kodaline - One Day At A Time - Deluxe Version - Vinyl 2LP

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Release Date: 27 Nov 2020

Deluxe Version - Vinyl 2LP

After the storming success of their digital album One Day At A Time, now streamed more than 60 million times and added another 100 million YouTube views, Kodaline are proud to present the deluxe edition. The album also features a collaboration with Gabrielle Aplin on their track Everyone Changes and This Is Christmas another as yet unreleased songs.

The album also includes the singles Wherever You Are, Sometimes, Saving Grace and Say Something. Kodaline approached the album with a streamlined process that took them back to their roots. The majority of the sessions revolved around the four band members alone in their modest recording space in Dublin, with bassist Jason Boland leading the production side of things.

The band's primary objective was to focus on the emotion that has informed many Kodaline fan favourites. As we've seen from the two recent singles, they're playing to their strengths: insistent melodies and captivating hooks exploring stories that are revealing, unguarded and immediately relatable.