Kurt Vile - (Watch my Moves) - Limited Edition Translucent Emerald Vinyl 2LP

Kurt Vile - (Watch my Moves) - Limited Edition Translucent Emerald Vinyl 2LP

Fiction / Verve

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Release Date: 15 April 2022

Limited Edition Translucent Emerald Vinyl 2LP

On his major label debut album, Kurt Vile pulls his talents as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer in unexpected directions — and the result is a vibrant, yet meditative record propelled by laid-back charm and curious spirit. Produced by Kurt Vile and Rob Schnapf.

Ravenously creative songwriter Kurt Vile broke through to mainstream success after years of steadily working on his craft. His laidback and drifting guitar rock took notes from masters like Neil Young, Sonic Youth, and Dinosaur Jr., exploring inventive guitar tones on meditative and often self-reflective songs. He co-founded the War on Drugs with friend Adam Granduciel in 2005, but quit shortly after the band got off the ground to focus more on his own music. After several albums on various indie labels, Vile signed with Matador in 2009 and would find increasing success with each new album. His 2013 album, Walkin' on a Pretty Daze, broke through bigger than anything before it, taking Vile's blurry-eyed musings and signature songwriting style to a worldwide audience. He would continue frequent collaborations, working with a multitude of special guests on his own records as well as co-creating albums with Steve Gunn and Courtney Barnett.


1 Goin On a Plane Today Kurt Vile
2 Flyin (Like a Fast Train) Kurt Vile
3 Palace of OKV in Reverse Kurt Vile
4 Like Exploding Stones Kurt Vile
5 Mount Airy Hill (Way Gone) Kurt Vile
6 Hey Like a Child Kurt Vile
7 Jesus On a Wire Kurt Vile
8 Fo Sho Kurt Vile
9 Cool Water Kurt Vile
10 Chazzy Don't Mind Kurt Vile
11 (Shiny Things) Kurt Vile
12 Say the Word Kurt Vile
13 Wages of Sin Kurt Vile
14 Kurt Runner Kurt Vile
15 Stuffed Leopard