Massive Wagons - Triggered - Limited Edition Purple Vinyl LP

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Release Date: 28th October 2022

Limited Edition Purple Vinyl LP

Having grown from beloved local heroes (becoming the frst ever Lancashire
band to achieve a UK Top 40 album with their UK #16 album 'Full Nelson' in 2018)
to national treasures within the New Wave of Rock'n'Roll, Massive Wagons have
crafted an all new album of heavy duty rock'n'roll that stays true to the band's
infuences whilst also pushing past the boundaries of what fans have
experienced on previous albums. Adding twists of tough punk and twinkles of
yacht rock, whilst keeping frontman Barry "Baz" Mills' iconic lyricism and the
band's electrifying no-nonsense rock recipe, the album proffers tracks which will
prove to be huge anthems in the live arena.
Baz explains how 'Triggered' stands out compared to the band's previous albums:
"I think this album is a lot more British sounding. I think we've managed to bring
our sound more up-to-date, it sounds fresh and exciting. It has much more of a
punk vibe about it, that being said, it’s still full of everything we love about guitar
He continues:"There are some very angry, passionate songs in there. We all dug
really deep writing this one, some of them were a real labour of love. I think we
truly have made our best album yet. I know that's a cliché, but our other albums
felt like they had a foot in the previous one somehow, be it leftover songs, a
certain sound or style... But I think this one stands alone as a unique sounding
Wagons album."

Track listing:

Fuck The Haters

Please Stay Calm

Generation Prime



Gone Are The Days




Never Been A Problem

Big Time


No Friend Of Mine