Oscar Scheller - HTTP404 - Vinyl LP

Oscar Scheller - HTTP404 - Vinyl LP


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Released: 11 Oct 2019

‘HTTP404’ is a collection of 11 jaw-dropping pop songs, all bar one produced or co-produced by Oscar himself and all bar one collaborations with other musicians he has been working with or who he has been excited by on the scene (including Lily Allen, PAWWS, Vera Hotsauce, Jevon and Havelock, amongst others). The set of songs focuses on the importance of searching for something that no longer exists, not finding what you’re looking for. It’s philosophical and existential in places but there’s an underlying message across the board to stop thinking about things so much and just start living. Gone are the guitars that characterized his earlier sound and now in their place we find synths, samples and programming that pull the work of Oscar Scheller right into the zeitgeist.