Peace - Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll - Vinyl LP

Peace - Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll - Vinyl LP

Ignition Records LTD

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Released: 04 May 2018

Kindness Is The New Rock and Roll is the new Peace album on new label Ignition and it finds them in full force. The album follows a period of the band writing in a National Trust property in Hertfordshire and, after never really spending much time in the countryside, vocalist Henry Koisser found it to be a creative experience. They also headed to Woodstock to work with Simone Felice on the album, saying: “Simone doesn’t do any sounds. He gets into your soul. He’ll take you into a room and touch your heart, he’ll drive you down into the Catskill Mountains and say, ‘Smell the pines! Go and splash your face in the stream!’ Then he’ll take you back to the studio”.


Side A 1. Power / 2. Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll / 3. Silverlined / 4. You Don’t Walk Away From Love / 5. From Under Liquid Glass

Side B 1. Magnificent / 2. Angel / 3. Shotgun Hallelujah / 4. Just A Ride / 5. Choose Love