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Pip Blom - Boat - CD

Heavenly Recordings

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Released: 31 May 2019

Pip Blom releases her first release for Heavenly Recordings – her debut album Boat. Signing to Heavenly was another item crossed off Pip’s to-do list, fulfilment of one of the things she dreamed of since first picking up a guitar and the culmination of a storming 2018 that propelled Pip Blom as one of the year’s most exciting rising guitar bands. 

Boat showcases Pip's undeniable knack for writing a hook-laden, 3-4 minute song; planting it in your head and making it stay there looping days after first hearing it. There’s the kinetic combination of guitars from herself and brother Tender Blom, the effortlessly captivating vocal range which can be authoritative and intent like in the driving album opener Daddy Issues, or soothing and warm as heard in melodic middle track Bedhead. Then there are the choruses that seem to stop songs in their tracks and lift them into a different stratosphere.