Red Hot Chili Peppers ‎– By The Way - Vinyl 2LP

Red Hot Chili Peppers ‎– By The Way - Vinyl 2LP

Warner Records

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Released: 05 August 2002

"By The Way", picks up where Californication left off, but is not representative of an album that frequently revisits the sunshine harmonies of "Road Trippin'" and desolate landscape of "Scar Tissue". Endlessly surprising and hugely engaging, the Chili Peppers have opened their eyes and found themselves with a another great record on their hands, solidifying both themselves as a group and their position as one of the world's best rock bands.


A1 By The Way
A2 Universally Speaking
A3 This Is The Place
A4 Dosed
B1 Don't Forget Me
B2 The Zephyr Song
B3 Can't Stop
B4 I Could Die For You
C1 Midnight
C2 Throw Away Your Television
C3 Cabron
C4 Tear
D1 On Mercury
D2 Minor Thing
D3 Warm Tape
D4 Venice Queen