Rolling Stones, The - A Bigger Bang Live

Rolling Stones, The - A Bigger Bang Live

Mercury Studio

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Release Date: 12 Jun 2021
10" picture disc
Mercury Studios
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In celebration of Record Store Day on 12th June 2021, The Rolling Stones will release a 2-track single, featuring songs from their 2005-2006 A Bigger Bang Tour.  “Rain Fall Down” was recorded at Copacabana Beach to a crowd of 1.5 million fans and “Rough Justice” was recorded in Salt Lake City.  Rough Justice live from Salt Lake City, has never previously been released.

This 2-track is a 10” limited edition green tongue picture disc. The live audio has been fully remastered and remixed.


A:         Rain Fall Down (Copacabana Beach, 2006)

B:         Rough Justice (Salt Lake City, 2005)