Sea Power - Everything Was Forever - Limited Edition Blue Vinyl LP

Sea Power - Everything Was Forever - Limited Edition Blue Vinyl LP

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Release Date: 18 February 2022

Limited Edition Blue Vinyl LP

Sea Power (formerly British) release their first new album in five years – Everything Was Forever. Their music has won them some remarkable admirers – Lou Reed, David Bowie and London's National Maritime Museum. Indeed, the BSP fanbase now includes Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. Peter Capaldi is a confirmed BSP fan. "A band of stark originality," he wrote in his foreword for the reissue of the band's 2003 debut album, The Decline Of British Sea Power. "BSP's songs bring you the bite of the wind, the fury of the sea, and music that is simply exhilarating." Daniel Radcliffe has talked in detail about his plan to get a BSP tattoo (featuring the 2002 T-shirt slogan Bravery Already Exists). Benedict Cumberbatch is also an admirer of the band.

Fifteen years on from their first concert, British Sea Power continue to make bold, galvanising, idiosyncratic marks on the world. Race horses and massive ocean-going yachts have been named after the band. London's National Maritime Museum recently opened a new £35m exhibition wing. Visitors are greeted by huge, sculpted quotations from Shakespeare and Coleridge – and a lyric from British Sea Power.


1 Scaring at the Sky 
2 Transmitter 
3 Two Fingers 
4 Fire Escape in the 
5 Doppelganger 
6 Fear Eats the Soul 
7 Folly 
8 Green Goddess 
9 Lakeland Echo 
10 We Only Want to Make You Happy