Sodom - M-16 - Remastered - 20th Anniversary Edition - 180G Orange Vinyl 2LP


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Release Date: 26 November 2021

20th Anniversary Edition

180G Orange Vinyl 2LP

Double Heavyweight Vinyl with Printed Inners. With Two Extra Unreleased Live Tracks from 2001

Originally released on 22nd October in 2001, M-16 is Sodom’s 10th Studio Album and was recorded at the Spiderhouse Studios in summer 2001.

Named after the US Assault rifle “M-16” is a concept album reflecting on the cruelties of the Vietnam War. With songs like “M-16”, “Napalm in the Morning” and “Among the Weirdcong” Sodom played hard, rough and fast – everything their fans can expect by the Thrash Metal Legends.
The songs which all are written by Tom Angelripper are dedicated to all the victims and prove the Vietnam War being a fundamental historic reference to help humanity learn the lessons of sorrow and misanthropy from one of the bloodiest conflicts in mankind’s recent history. For this release all tracks have been remastered for the first time.