UB40 - Essential - 3CD Set

UB40 - Essential - 3CD Set


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Release Date: 10 Oct 2020

3CD Set

Disc 1

Track 1 Red Red Wine 
Track 2 Food for Thought 
Track 3 One in Ten 
Track 4 Kingston Town 
Track 5 Breakfast in Bed (With Chrissie Hynde) 
Track 6 Dream a Lie 
Track 7 Sing Our Own Song 
Track 8 If It Happens Again 
Track 9 Please Don't Make Me Cry 
Track 10 Maybe Tomorrow 
Track 11 Swing Low (With United Colours of Sound) 
Track 12 Where Did I Go Wrong 
Track 13 Tell Me Is It True? (Fugees Remix) 
Track 14 Holly Holy 
Track 15 Tyler 
Track 16 The Train Is Coming 
Track 17 The Way You Do the Things You Do 
Track 18 Many Rivers to Cross 
Disc 2

Track 1 (I Can't Help) Falling in Love With You 
Track 2 Don't Break My Heart 
Track 3 My Way of Thinking 
Track 4 I Think It's Going to Rain Today 
Track 5 The Earth Dies Screaming 
Track 6 Don't Let It Pass You By 
Track 7 Come Back Darling 
Track 8 Kiss and Say Goodbye 
Track 9 So Here I Am 
Track 10 C'est La Vie 
Track 11 Riddle Me 
Track 12 Reggae Music 
Track 13 Wear You to the Ball 
Track 14 Watchdogs 
Track 15 I Would Do for You 
Track 16 Promises and Lies (Live in the UK, 1993) 
Disc 3

Track 1 I Got You Babe (With Chrissie Hynde) 
Track 2 King 
Track 3 Cherry Oh Baby 
Track 4 Homely Girl 
Track 5 Higher Ground 
Track 6 Rat in Mi Kitchen 
Track 7 Don't Slow Down 
Track 8 Until My Dying Day 
Track 9 Bring Me Your Cup 
Track 10 All I Want to Do 
Track 11 Always There 
Track 12 Here I Am (Come and Take Me) 
Track 13 Dance With the Devil 
Track 14 I Won't Close My Eyes (Remix) 
Track 15 I've Got Mine 
Track 16 Love Is All Is Alright (Remix) 
Track 17 Impossible Love 
Track 18 Since I Met You Lady (With Lady Saw)