Utopia - OST - Cristobal Tapia De Veer - Ltd Edition - 2 x Yellow Vinyl LP

Silva Screen

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Released: 07 Oct 2014

180g Yellow Vinyl DLP - Fourth Pressing of 500

Utopia lays claim to having one of the best and innovative TV scores of recent times, as evidenced in its critical acclaim from writers far and wide.

Recorded entirely in Borough train station, it features sounds and field recordings from the eclectic to the eccentric, this is a must-have for any Utopia fanatic. What’s more- it comes in yellow coloured vinyl.


A1 Utopia Overture
A2 The Network
A3 Dislocated Thumbs Part 1
A4 Mr. Rabbit's Game
A5 Conspiracy Part 1
A6 Meditative Chaos
A7 A New Brand Of Drug
B1 Samba De Wilson
B2 Slivovitz
B3 Bekki On Pills Part 1
B4 Where Is Jessica Hyde? Part 1
B5 Arby's Oratorio
B6 Jessica Gets Off
B7 Mr. Rabbit It Is
B8 Lovechild
B9 Mind Vortex
C1 Twat
C2 Bekki On Pills Part 2
C3 Fertility Control
C4 Janus Saves
C5 Evil Prevails
C6 Conspiracy Part 2
D1 Dislocated Thumbs Part 2
D2 Utopia Descent
D3 Where Is Jessica Hyde? Part 2
D4 Utopia's Death Cargo
D5 The Experiment
D6 Utopia Finale