Valeras - Tell Me Now - Black Vinyl 10

Valeras - Tell Me Now - Black Vinyl 10" EP

The Liquid Label

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Releases Date: 19th November 2021

Black Vinyl 10" EP

Limited to 500

“Behold VALERAS' infectious arsenal of high-octane rock tunes that glisten with pop magic" Gigwise

“We can already see that this band has a lot to offer the world and we haven’t seen the half of yet” MTV

"Watch this lot because they're going all the way" Spindle Magazine

“Tell Me Now” is VALERAS’ most telling and personal piece of work to date.

 Written and recorded last summer with Tarek Musa (Dead Nature & Spring King), the EP beautifully captures the emotions of growing out of relationships & environments and overcoming the hardships that come with letting go.

 The first single of the EP titled Rita”, reflects the band’s story through the perspective of a girl named ‘Rita’ who had to overcome many obstacles to continue doing what she loves. This was a message that many people could relate to after the uncertain times the world went through. With their use of surf-rock guitars and punchy drum sounds the band managed to gain their audience’s attention as well as radio coverage from Radio 1, 6Music and Radio X putting the duo back on people’s radar after a quiet period of time without releases.

 The duo have had many changes and hardships throughout their time of being in the band, but instead of getting knocked down the pair brush themselves off and make use of their experiences in order to connect with others through their music. This is especially noticeable in songs like “The Other Side” & “Let Me Go” where Rose’s lyrics reflect on the realisation of having the need to move on from things that cause more harm than good. The band hope to connect with their audience by making them dance with their uplifting instrumentals yet in contrast share their heartfelt messages about moving on, giving their listeners a sense of reassurance.

 In the closing track of the EP - “Change Your Mind”, we hear VALERAS’ identifiable ‘rock’ origin in a way that they hadn’t showcased before. Their use of catchy synth melodies matching their ‘spaghetti western’ guitar tones creates a dark ambience, enhancing the powerful message about having a change of heart about a relationship after feeling betrayed. The song dives deeper into the duo’s influences, especially their love for 80’s music. With their use of drum machines and thumping rhythm this track demonstrates that a ‘dark’ song can still be danceable.

This EP is the beginning of the journey for VALERAS as a duo. With a starting point as diverse and powerful as this, they are making sure it is known they want to be heard and will continue to connect with a wide range of listeners who will be able to relate with VALERAS’ message.

Side A
1. Rita
2. The Other Side

Side B
3. Let Me Go
4. Change Your Mind